The most popular wedding accessories for 2019

It’s true… accessories can make or break an outfit. The wedding is the only day of the year where it’s almost expected for you as the groom to be that little be extra. Accessorising your suit with the perfect formal accessories will ensure you’re look will only be bested by the bride on the day of the wedding. 

 If you’re looking at going for elevated formal attire for the wedding, then look no further than the classic patent shoe. Contrast with texture is key when you’re accessorising suits. To ensure black on black is elevated to that next level, take that wool suit and use a shiny high gloss patent shoe, belt and lapel to really bring the garments to life. This isn’t just a classic look but is modern, sleek and will look great when looking back on your photos for decades to come.

For a muted navy suit, try a rustic, distressed light brown leather that will pop against the muted colour. If you’re really wanting to add a touch of something special, why not accessorise with a wine stained burgundy leather. The deep red tones will compliment beautifully against the cooler fabrics. This combination works especially well for a springtime weddings where shades of blue, red and white sit beautifully against a garden backdrop. If the bridal party have tones of light pink and ivory, this will especially work, tying in both the groom and bridal parties and giving a distinct sense of class, without the feel of trying too hard. 

 Men’s lapel pins and pocket squares have seen a renaissance in the last ten years. The simple inclusion of the right pocket square can help to transform the feel of any formal attire, making it either classic and timeless or playful and full of personality. Lapel pins have gained popularity and have become a talking point, adding a real rock star edge to the look of the suit. And cravats have found popularity again with formal attire, really elevating the feel of the wedding outfit and bringing a sense of dapper distinction to the groom. 

The key with good accessorising is to always keep in theme with the wedding and add a personal twist, using the accessories as a way of infusing your personality into the wedding day.