Groomsmen wedding dress code to compliment the perfect groom

One of the few elements from the wedding you can use time and time again is the men’s suit. A piece in any man’s wardrobe they can breathe new life into no matter what the occasion. Most often all the focus is placed on the groom, and rightly so it is their special day after all. But often a well thought ensemble for your groomsmen will ultimately make you shine even more. And the boys can keep their bespoke suits for years to come.

The key to making the wedding party look impeccable is to keep their outfits clean, stylish and to of course nod to the theme of either your outfit or of the overall bridal party. If as the groom you’ve chosen a black morning suit for the wedding, you should then outfit your groomsman in sleek black suits that will not only fit them perfectly but enhance the overall look of your formal attire. Keep their designs simple, classic and modern, along with all being styled in the same suit to get a perfect sense of sleek unity. Stay away from contrast satin lapels and quirky design elements that will detract from the groom’s outfit.

If you’re a bold groom going for a vibrant check, with various colours within the suit cloth, take one colour that is key and design a bespoke look for your groomsmen. Story telling is a key element that really enhances the essence of any wedding. Bringing in colours into the bridal party’s outfits or from your own suit really add a distinct yet rewarding feel to any wedding.

Furthermore, going with a subtle contrast colour is always going to give your groomsmen an appeal like no other. Ultimately the contract cloth will elevate your suit and make no one mistake you as the groom on your wedding day. These contrasts work especially well for destination weddings where the inclusion of colour brings the outfits to life. If you’re in that classical navy suit, dress the grooms in a lighter grey tones. Alternatively if you’re wearing a darker green cloth, get your men in a light camel suit that brings a summer touch. If you’re in formal dinner wear with beautiful ivory jacket, make sure your men are standing tall in an all-black ensemble.

Whatever the styling choices, make sure your groomsmen are there to elevate your look and make you look like the super star on your special day.