Garden wedding dress code

The garden wedding has grown to become a very popular destination for most modern couples. The outdoors, mixed with vibrant colours of the gardens and effortless and stunning backdrops allow for a romantic and more relaxed atmosphere to any wedding.

What does this mean for the formal attire of a groom? Well the best part of a garden wedding is that you, the groom and your groomsmen can get very creative with your outfits, leaving aside the traditional dinner suit and cocktail attire and donning a more playful wedding outfit for your special day.
You will look back after the wedding and remember the festivities and the outfits. A beautifully bespoke suit will not only be all the talk of the day but it can be used time and time again after the wedding, becoming a staple in your wardrobe.

A classic look for a garden wedding starts using contrasting fabrics on the sports jacket and trouser. Currently this look is very on trend, but gives a timeless finish and a dapper edge to our outfit. Depending on the location, the jacket will often be a vibrant fabric and colour. Here you can incorporate beautiful checks or pinstripes and select colours that really set a mood to the garden backdrop.
Green and other earth tones, are colours that perfectly suit the landscape of an outdoor wedding. As the groom, style yourself in darker forest greens with a beautiful contrasting check and beige trouser for a touch of English dapper. Have your groomsmen dressed in lighter earth tones of muted stone and browns to allow you to really embrace the mood of your garden wedding.

If texture is more your style, then look no further than a basket-weave fabric. Currently seeing a resurgence in popularity, this vibrant weave drapes beautifully over any body type and adds a texture to your outfit that will contrast perfectly against the clean look of a chino or dress trouser. Pair this look with a woollen tie, a flower lapel pin and rich dark brown brogues, to give you and your groomsmen a wedding outfit that will be used well after the day of the wedding.
A garden wedding really allows for the creative bride and groom to really showcase their personality on the day of the wedding with beautiful rustic attire.