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The top five best wedding suit trends for 2019/2020

Celebrate your wedding in style as we cover the top five wedding trends going into the 2019/2020 wedding season… Cravats and Ruched Ties: In the last two years, the cravat and ruched tie have seen a major resurgence in popularity. Often perceived as the ultimate look for a luxury three piece suit, these elegant and […]


Men’s velvet blazer: Top 3 colours for formal wedding attire

The velvet blazer is the epitome of luxury formal wedding attire. The plush texture of the velvet shimmers through the day time ceremony and comes alive under the evening lights of the wedding festivities. When outfitting this distinct look, a groom must embrace the use of textures. Most blazers will be worn with a contrast […]


Garden wedding dress code

The garden wedding has grown to become a very popular destination for most modern couples. The outdoors, mixed with vibrant colours of the gardens and effortless and stunning backdrops allow for a romantic and more relaxed atmosphere to any wedding. What does this mean for the formal attire of a groom? Well the best part […]


The most popular wedding accessories for 2019

It’s true… accessories can make or break an outfit. The wedding is the only day of the year where it’s almost expected for you as the groom to be that little be extra. Accessorising your suit with the perfect formal accessories will ensure you’re look will only be bested by the bride on the day […]


Groomsmen wedding dress code to compliment the perfect groom

One of the few elements from the wedding you can use time and time again is the men’s suit. A piece in any man’s wardrobe they can breathe new life into no matter what the occasion. Most often all the focus is placed on the groom, and rightly so it is their special day after […]


Transforming the Classic Navy Suit to formal wedding attire

The classic navy suit is regarded by many as the pinnacle in suiting versatility. From the races to the board room, a navy suit will suit all complexions, flatters all body types and resonates with the leaders. However in more recent times the navy suit has been seen walking down the isle of many of […]