The top five best wedding suit trends for 2019/2020

Celebrate your wedding in style as we cover the top five wedding trends going into the 2019/2020 wedding season…

Cravats and Ruched Ties: In the last two years, the cravat and ruched tie have seen a major resurgence in popularity. Often perceived as the ultimate look for a luxury three piece suit, these elegant and timeless statements give your wedding outfit a flair like no other. If you are wanting a sleek look, match the colour of the cravat to the colour of the suit. If you’re looking to go for a playful statement, use a contract colour or print that will really showcase your personality.

The Double Breasted Waistcoat: Over the last four years, waistcoats have made a strong come back to the suiting market. Not only does this garment elevate the look of the suit, making the outfit complete, they give the groom’s suit a distinct look that elevates them above all other wedding guests. The double breasted waistcoat is cut above all other waistcoats. It can be worn with a single breasted or double breasted jacket and is often outfitted in a contrasting fabric to add a depth to the wedding suit. It is usually designed with a shawl or peak lapel to sit comfortably under a suit jacket for that dapper touch.

Morning Suits for the Daytime Wedding: The highest level of formal attire for the daytime wedding is the classic morning suit. In the last two years this vintage outfit has seen a return in popularity, with the likes of the Royal family, David Beckham and many more captivating people’s imagination and breathing new life into this timeless look. To complete the look, wear with a slim cut trouser and double breasted waistcoat in contrasting colours with a cravat or ruched tie for that added touch of English tradition.

Green Woollen Fabrics: If orange is the new black, then dark green is the new navy. Darker green fabrics bring the same versatility and elegance to a wedding suit to that of a navy cloth and are more appropriate your day time or garden weddings. The darker the green tone, the easier it will be to work with both lighter and darker complexions. Darker tones also allow for the use of contrast fabrics in the waistcoat, trousers and shirts to really pop and add a level of individuality for the groom’s formal attire. To really elevate the look of the darker green tones, contrast with lighter brown shoes and belts and ensure the accessories are muted in their colour pallets.

Wide Peak Lapels: Long gone are the days of the slim suit with slim lapels. With the rise of fashion brand giants like Tom Ford embracing wider lapels, the trend has kick started a whole new look to men’s formal attire. Wider lapels give the look and feel of someone strong and powerful. They add a statesmen’s finish to a groom’s suit that commands the room when walking down the aisle to his bride. Be careful not to go too large if you are a smaller build gentleman as the lapels will be well out of proportion and make your chest look smaller. If peak lapels are too bold for your taste, try a wider notch lapel for a more subtle look.