Men’s velvet blazer: Top 3 colours for formal wedding attire

The velvet blazer is the epitome of luxury formal wedding attire. The plush texture of the velvet shimmers through the day time ceremony and comes alive under the evening lights of the wedding festivities. When outfitting this distinct look, a groom must embrace the use of textures. Most blazers will be worn with a contrast black satin lapel, buttons and cuffs on the sleeve, with a satin waistcoat under the jacket and black wool trousers to complete the look.

However what colour is best suited for the classic wedding attire? Well there are numerous options that all play into the look of the wedding and the personality of the groom!
The Classic Black Velvet Jacket: For that sleek, understated yet distinguished finish, look no further than the black velvet jacket. Subtle yet classic, this colour is for the traditional groom that wants to look as sleek as a black panther under the ballroom lights of his wedding. Pair this look with patent shoes and high gloss accessories for maximum impact.

The Forrest Green Velvet Jacket: Nothing says dapper like a traditional British green velvet jacket. For the most elegant finish, select a dark tone that will look most flattering on all complexions and body shapes. A dark green velvet works best in the context of a garden wedding, adding an opulent touch to the festivities. For most elevated touch, finish off the jacket with contrast black satin lapels, a black waistcoat and trousers, making sure you use ivory pocket square and metallic lapel pin for an outfit that will blow everyone away.

The Maroon Velvet Jacket: If you’re a groom wanting to make the most beautiful of statements on your wedding day, look no further than the maroon velvet jacket. This is perhaps the most versatile of colours as you can wear it in the formal setting of a church or under the lights of a contemporary evening garden wedding. Furthermore the maroon tones can work with more colours than its black and green brothers, as you can use dark maroon or midnight navy satin trimmings on the lapels, waist coat and trousers to really add a unique and dapper touch to the grooms outfit.

Whatever the style of wedding, whatever the personality of the groom, there is a velvet jacket in your style and colour that will truly be fitting for your wedding day.